About the Contributors


Nijay K. Gupta serves as associate professor of New Testament at Portland Seminary of George Fox University. He has written several academic books, including three biblical commentaries. In 2018, he received the Faculty Achievement Award for Graduate Research and Scholarship at George Fox University. He is currently writing the Galatians volume for the Story of God Bible Commentary series (Zondervan).

Jonah Sandford graduated from Portland Seminary in 2018 with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS) with a specialization in biblical studies/biblical languages. His primary research interest is New Testament Greek, but he has also worked with biblical Hebrew, German, and Sahidic Coptic.


This reader is a collaborative project that developed out of an advanced Greek course at Portland Seminary (2017-2018). The following students contributed equally to the content of the textbook.


Alexander Finkelson (MATS, Portland Seminary, 2018)

Bryn Pliska Girard (MATS, Portland Seminary, 2018)

Charles E. R. Jesch (MDIV, Portland Seminary, current student)

Paul C. Moldovan (MDIV, Portland Seminary, current student)

Jenny E. Siefken (MATS, Portland Seminary, current student)

Julianna Kaye Smith (MATS, Portland Seminary, 2018)

Jana Whitworth (MDIV, Portland Seminary, current student)

Kyle J. Williams (MATS, Portland Seminary, 2018)


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